If you have opinions about bicycles, then I'd like to interview you!

I'm starting a podcast project with a friend of mine who is something of a Vehicular Cyclist. As I'm a Confirmed Pootler, I feel like the two of us can cover more of the topical spectrum than either of us could alone.


But first, we need to build up a body of recorded interviews to use as source material and illustration. We'll be approaching professionals and experts as well, but first we'd like to get a collection of personal experiences.

We're looking for the seeds of good stories, so your own tales and reminiscences will be the most helpful. We won't be debating you at all during recording, but we may raise a common question or ask for clarification.

We're happy to credit you via whatever name or handle you prefer to go by, and we won't publish anything you ask us not to.

How do I Sign Up?

If you're interested in participating, contact me by e-mail or catch me on twitter. I'm happy to arrange a meeting in person in Greater London, or we can do this on-line via my private Mumble voice-chat server (there are free client apps for every OS and phone platform).

As of this writing I've already conducted on-line interviews with correspondents in the US and Canada, and they've tended to run about two hours. These were people who had a lot to say, and it may be easier for you if we schedule a shorter session with an option to cover a topic again later. I'm happy with whatever works best for you!

When will this come out?

It will take us some time to collect enough interviews. My hope is that we collect enough to be able to make a show at the beginning of the new year, but pride goes before the fall and all that.

I look forward to hearing from you!